Die internationalen Teens & Twens vom ijgd Workcamp laden herzlichst zu einem TeenCamp während des Kunstsommers in englischer Sprache ein.

Poverty and Surplus, having a crisis – finding SENSE- being trapped in a helix of consumerism and no firm ground in sight?
What is a good life? What makes sense for me/us?
Why is it so hard to change?
What are we growing into and on whose cost?
And- who decides?

« Kunstsommer » is a festival featuring ten artists that are going to work with us on exploring those themes for ourselves in our own artistic ways:
Theater, Music, Sculpting, Singing, Creating Masks and Sculptures, Colour- and Papermanufacturing… everything is possible, we´re « upcycling » our world.
We explore aesthetic, social and psychic structures of the « litter-phenomenom », develope critical perspectives, creative strategies and artistic interventions to return to a healthy consciousness.

Kids, Families, Youths and an international workcamp will be there… and… you?

Apart of working with those themes, that move and concern us all, you will be able to meet people from all over the world which will give you the chance to get a better idea of what it means to be an active part of a global community. There´s a great chance to get to know new perspectives and for cultural interchange, which will certainly enrich us all!


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